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Black Oxide is a desired coating for steel when little dimensional change is required.

Black Oxide LineBlack oxide is a conversion coating that causes no dimensional change. It provides a deep black color and excellent corrosion resistance when used in conjunction with the proper post dips. Used primarily on components where tight tolerances are paramount. Commonly used on fasteners, tooling, weldments, and castings where appearance and oil retention are essential.

Key Benefits

  • Very economical coating to use in conjunction with oils
  • Black oxide does not cause any dimensional change in the part
  • Able to achieve better than 100 hours of salt spray to red rust with supplemental oil dip

Black OxideCapabilities

  • We can run small and large parts
  • Conforming to military or industry standards
  • Fast turn around time
  • Able to achieve a deep black finish
  • Hot process
  • Stampings, fasteners, turnings, castings, or weldments