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Rubber to Metal
Adhesive Coatings
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Rubber to Metal Adhesive Coatings for the Rubber Molding Industry.

Adhesives - Rubber to Metal Coatings Rubber to metal adhesive coatings is a process that we provide to make it possible for elastomers molding companies to bond their products to ferrous, non-ferrous or, other types of inserts.

Your inserts are prepared by means of chemical or mechanical treatment prior to application of the adhesive to ensure the best bond after molding.

We supply coated inserts to a wide variety of industry that include Automotive, Agricultural, Medical, Recreational Vehicle and also, Lawn and Garden.

Key Benefits

  • Your one stop shop for Rubber to Metal coatings on inserts. Chemical and mechanical pre-treatment done in house
  • We can perform a design of experiments to make sure that you not only are provided a quality part, but also a cost effective product

Adhesives - Rubber to Metal CoatingsCapabilities

  • Coatings for all types of elastomers
  • Use of quality Chemlokİ Products
  • Masking to print prior to coatings
  • Stampings, Turnings, Castings and Weldments
  • Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and other substrates
  • Packing to customers specifications
  • Wide range of size capabilities
  • Small orders welcome

Adhesives - Rubber to Metal Coatings

Adhesives - Rubber to Metal Coatings