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Black Oxide Coatings Zinc Phosphate Coatings

Zinc Phosphate is a Coating used for Corrosion Resistantance and Bonding of Organics.

Zinc OxideZinc Phosphate is a gray crystalline structure that grows on the ferrous substrate to provide a base for oil or organic coatings to soak into. Supplementary oils can provide increased salt spray. When used without oils, organics (such as paint or adhesives) can be applied to increase bonding capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent coating prior to painting, oiling or adhesive coating
  • Increased bond capabilities for adhesive coatings
  • Provides extended ware and corrosion resistance. Up to 300 hours of salt spray with supplementary oil
  • Used for break-in of mating surfaces
  • Excellent oil retention

Zinc OxideCapabilities

  • Coating to military and industry specifications
  • We offer excellent turn around time on all orders
  • Large or small part capabilities
  • Rack and barrel capabilities
  • Many post dips or coating capabilities
  • Special packaging to customers needs
  • Stampings, Castings or Turnings
  • Small Orders Welcome